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Not your usual cello band.

2 cellos, 2 young Estonian cellists. Timeless and soul-stirring music.


Tšellopoisid, the captivating Estonian cello duo of Kaspar Kluge and Karret Sepp, pushes the boundaries of traditional cello repertoire with their stylish fusion of classical and contemporary sounds. For years, Kluge and Sepp have been experimenting with unconventional cello techniques and genres. Their journey began with reimagining world music hits and has evolved into an increasing focus on original compositions. Tšellopoisid's innovative approach has expanded the ensemble to include a six-member backing band, featuring Kaur Pennert on keyboards, Alex Verlin on guitar, Monika Erdman on bass, and Jeremia Kangas on drums. Their fearless experimentation and commitment to pushing the limits of the cello make them a truly unforgettable act.


Karret Sepp - cello

Kaspar Kluge - cello

Kaur Pennert - keys

Alex Verlin - guitar

Monika Erdman - bass guitar

Jeremia Kangas - drums

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