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No one knows yet what Kopi Luwak is. The phrase itself represents one of the world's most expensive coffee varieties and its creation process is linked to the digestive system of lemurs. Similarly, Kopi Luwak's music is someone's vague digestive system, where a large amount of raw material has been swallowed, and the colorful chemicals gradually begin to seep into the bloodstream. This orchestra plays for the listeners the bright light of melancholy and euphoria influenced by the impulses of one person's inner and outer world.

Martin Mänd - lead vocal, synths, guitar, coffee machine

Liisa Tali - synths, back vocal

Kaarel Raud - guitar

Andres Olema - lap steel guitar

Kaspar Kluge - bass guitar

Johannes Eriste - drums

photo_2023-02-05 18.42.27.jpeg
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