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Neon Fir is a playground for musical experimentation, where wayward building blocks from synth-pop, neo-soul, Soviet-era alternative and further beyond are reconstructed into a new and distinctive musical whole. 


The group’s first playground chronicles are captured on their 2021 debut LP “Neon Fir”, where their eclectic harmonies are met with a uniquely playful lyrical approach. Neon Fir’s music has been given a warm welcome in the media and among the Estonian alternative scene. They’ve had the chance to share their world at festivals such as Jazzkaar, Intsikurmu, Tallinn Music Week, Trad.Fest! and Tudengijazz.

Eeva Trei - vocals 

Miina Adermann - keyboards, backing vocals 

Kaarel Raud - guitar, synthesizers 

Paul-Gunnar Loorand - bass 

Karl-Markus Kohv - drums

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